25 Celebrities in Empire East Lip-Sync Battle

How in the world can you get 25 celebrities to perform in one big event? Wonder no more, for Empire East has got you covered!

Last December 13, Tuesday – all roads lead to Crossroads 77!


Every year, the Empire East Marketing Team prepares for the in-house salespeople’s Christmas party, but this year we were privileged to set-up for the employees’ as well. Although this year is a bit different, especially for me, since I wasn’t  physically present for most of the whirling zap and zing of the event planning. I took a leave for the last two weeks to take care of some family matters. Nevertheless, the celebration all seemed perfectly carried out.


Up until now, I am still in awe on how we managed to prepare two amazing parties in one day! I must say I am truly ecstatic, and humbled to be part of a team who never fails to create wonders and leave a delightful nostalgia, long after the events are over!


In my recent post, I shared what I wore, and it is salubrious to witness all the people you see at work, all glammed up for the occasion. It was surreal to see the familiar faces look so gorgeously stunning in their ball gowns and tuxedos. It was like our own version of Star Magic Ball!

My friends and fellow trainers were the hosts for the 18-hour long party!


We started with AURA: Radiant. Unique. Euphoric – A Christmas Party for Sales.

The energy just got higher when our salespeople started their lip-sync battle performances!


Justin Bieber


Meghan Trainor


Miley Cyrus


Nicki Minaj






Katy Perry


Jennifer Lopez



They were all super creative and talented! Imagine of only coming up with these in less than 7 days of preparation! I have deduced, a long time ago, that you must never underestimate the capacity of salespeople! They will always have something unique and great to show, and these are probably things you can’t even imagine possible!

I was assigned with the tallying of the scores and computation of results, and boy, did my head ache! The fight was toooooo close! I didn’t even know who’ll win! But Usher reigned supreme!


Usher – Over All Champion


Rihanna – 1st placedamascus1

Meghan Trainor – League of Damascus


Special awards! They were all so glamorous that night!

We ended around 4pm, that means we only have exactly 1 hour to prepare for the next party! OMG.

After one breath of relief, we took another gasp as we take on the next kerfuffle! (I really like this word I learned from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) And who says we’re not ready?

Photo Credits to Mr. Ralph Jason Ramos



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Li-Luck Holiday

Honestly, I didn’t know what I was going to wear when it was announced that we’ll be having two Christmas parties in one day, not to mention that we ARE the organizers for both events.

Yes, we’re suicidal and badass like that!

Anyway, goodie both celebrations have an identical theme, which means I get to wear two different ensembles. I just have to work on some things to make both looks stand out.

So for my formal wear number one (worn in AURA: Empire East ‘s Sales Christmas Party), I decided to use the gown I wore as a bridesmaid back in 2014. It’s silver and rhinestones hinted a party vibe, along with the mellowing down a bit of lilac chiffon for the bottom part. It made me feel more girly.

Processed with VSCO

One thing, this dress isn’t exactly mine. I accidentally picked my sister’s gown instead of my own. We have the similar bridesmaid gowns with slightly differentiated straps. I must have confused the straps when I was rummaging in the closet.

My sister is extra busty and shapy by the way, so I had to cinch the strap with a pin. Good thing everything went smoothly! Plus, I didn’t spend money in buying or renting a gown! Oh yeah, I had it drycleaned pala!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 presetwp-image-689656169jpg.jpg

Oh well, I think it’s worth it!

What is your Christmas Party theme? Let me know in the comments below!


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Why A New Home Can Be the Best Gift this Christmas – Empire East

It’s Christmas time, and I’m sure you have done a fair few errands to prepare for the holidays by now! I can imagine what wonderful things you have bought and flights you have booked already! But  just a thought, have you actually considered investing in a new home? Why not? Don’t worry, you don’t need to spend all your Christmas bonus to get one!

I’d also like to share that I recently bought Harry Potter and the Cursed Child book. And I am happy to announce that I’ve finished it in 3 hours! It’s THAT good! You see, during my free time, I always try to sneak in some reading because it basically fuels my mind now that I have started this blog. I can’t wait to get my hands on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, let alone watch the movie! 😀

I reckon it would always be a happy reading time whenever it is done in a serene place. It pays a lot when the surroundings are in tiptop shape and noise-free don’t you think?


That is why a timely Christmas Rush Promo is here to help get you decide faster! Instead of buying a new gadget, why not invest it in something that will yield higher return in the future?

Condominiums are all the rage now, considering how our transportation system targets its development in the coming years. Living in one of Empire East‘s projects, especially those that are connected to train stations will allow you to live luxuriously at a price you can afford, and will keep up to your dynamic and fast-paced lifestyle! Less travel time, means more time for yourself!

And you get this amazing discount!


To let this blow your mind even more -you can actually have your unit rented out!  Passive income in an instant!


Wait, there’s more!


You can actually reserve now, and have an ample time to pay your monthly payment!


Are you excited? Send us a message or leave a comment to know more! 🙂

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BTS : Empire East’s Bloggerazzi (Wave 2)

Last month, we started a campaign with some of the country’s rising online influencers composed of young professionals, students, moms, and freelancers.

If you have seen my first Bloggerazzi post, you would have an idea of what’s coming! We were supposed to have the shoot at The Rochester in San Joaquin, Pasig, however there was a scheduled event there as well. So, we decided to go to Kasara Urban Resort Residences again instead.

Can I just say that the weather is always cooperative in our shoots? The sun was so bright and happy that day, that’s why it was no wonder our bloggers had so much fun taking photos. Not to mention the place is without a doubt, very Instagrammable!


Peace-ing poses with Ms Jazz, Neri of Nheng’s Wonderland, and Nicole!


It’s a riddle for me on how a mom of twins such as Neri can juggle family life, career, and blogging all at the same time! I can only wish to have such sharp sense of time management when I become a mom like her someday! 🙂



Here is a photo of me with (from L-R) Luigi, Daphne, Lauren, Me, and Candis. These girls of Posh Possibilities  are the cutest! I swear they are so sweet and fun to be with in person!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Props for Sir Mike for making me look oh-so-tall and slender in this photo! Golly, I could have sworn I was around 5″6 in this shot! Well, if I didn’t know me. But.. (shuts up. Haha :P)


This picture truly gives meaning to Empire East’s tagline – Life is at Empire East

I can’t wait to know who will win our photo share and like contest! We’ll announce them today! Do you have any guesses? Let us know who you think!

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