5 Times Sa Wakas Frees You From What-Ifs and What-Could-Have-Beens

Magsisimula tayo, sa wakas.

I may have watched the Sa Wakas musical a month earlier from Valentine’s Day, but it’s every bit of enlightenment you need to revive or nourish the kind of love you have at the moment. Whether you’re recently nursing a broken heart, about to break up, caught in between to stay or to flee, wanting to get out from a crappy relationship, denying an attraction from someone you just met, confirmed such attraction, or who happens to be happily (and luckily) attached, up until now, single since birth, or that hopeful soul who believes that someone out there is going to put an end and meaning to all the series of unfortunate events one had to endure from love – Sa Wakas is an intelligent play you never have to miss.


Sa Wakas is a critically acclaimed, homegrown musical based on the songs of one of the country’s most beloved rock bands, Sugarfree. A bittersweet story set in contemporary Manila, Sa Wakas raises the timeless question of why relationships fall apart. What makes the show unique is its unconventional perspective, adopting an inverse chronology wherein the narrative begins at the end of the crushing breakup and works its agonizing way backwards to the relationship’s starry-eyed beginning. – (sawakasmusical.com)

Sure, getting a ticket is tedious, but try all ways to get one. But if you’re too late, (as I have checked that all tickets are sold out; I really hope they do a re-run!) just continue reading, I can only hope that this post will suffice. To my good fortune, a friend was able to score us a few tickets way back December. If not for her, these realizations wouldn’t be as pressing as they are now.

  1. Lexi’s Dissatisfaction – A romantic relationship should always be nurturing.

Lexi’s and Topper’s love story was set to fail when the former offensively expressed her diss­­atisfaction on the latter’s freelancing stint on photography. It is kind of lonely when you feel like you’re the only one who’s fighting the battle, and the person you thought believes in you suddenly perceives otherwise. You rejoice in the fact that when failure hits you straight in the face, this one person in the entire world will either have the decency (at least) or will still open his/her loving arms to comfort and accept you. Both partners should have one cohesive dream, if not, should at least complement each other’s. I believe this is highly beneficial when you have someone supporting you all the way with your passion. With the proper guidance, right amount of understanding and compromise, I think both individuals can conquer mountains.

  1. Lexi’s and Topper’s Refusal to Compromise. – Successful love demands each partner to be loveable.

This came first to my attention through a friend sharing a Facebook status from their pre-marriage seminar. It got me thinking, commitment is forever. And change is basically the same thing. Change, good or bad, should be a source for betterment, and along the way things can be difficult or even unbearable. That is why, it is imperative to help find the great and loveable qualities about each other. I mean, never run out of things to be loved about – that even during adversities, you should make your partner love you even more. Continue being irresistible, whether it is the young or aged you.

I think this is where Lexi and Topper fell short of.

  1. Topper on Cheating – You must have an allowance for mistakes.

Nobody is perfect – is the most cliché line you’ll ever read in this post, but even to this day, it still speaks the truth. It would be less hurting and easier if you do not deduce your partner as someone who can never make a mistake and cause you pain. Relationship is a roller coaster; you have to prepare for the whirlwind of a ride you’re about to take. It is nature. Although, smart people will definitely put in their biggest effort to not cause any ill feelings to their partners, but it doesn’t guarantee that they cannot make mistakes. The earlier a couple realizes this, the better they can spend time to devise solutions.

The couple in the play were sneering at each other on how perfect the other one is. They even sang songs to glamourize the derision. It’s annoying and child-like (relationship-wise), but I do not mind the theatrical dexterity the characters portrayed. I think they’re really awesome.


  1. Topper’s and Gabbi’s Affair – Insecurity kills. You should never allow your partner to complete you.

Love is formed by two whole individuals. Together, you make one powerful duo, than those who join together who only possess half-sized personalities. Those people who take comfort in filling each other’s gaps tend to depend on the other for almost everything – life navigation in general. And when the desperate moment comes, they break into brittle broken pieces, waiting for new one to fill the hollow that was left by the old flame. It will never be fair for the next one, because the one who was left behind can only offer a broken half piece of himself. And I think this new love doesn’t deserve that, especially if she is whole and has fixed her own pieces from a wounded past.

I think this is where Gabbi was easily lured into an affair with Topper. She was human and wanted something more, even though she knew that it wasn’t the best idea. She may have a missing part which hasn’t been filled yet. Hollows are scary loopholes that may be filled by uninvited guests, but we cater to them anyway, because it’s less lonely that way. Naturally, this may cause more internal damage than necessary.

Topper was completely out of shape as well. He was traveling a winding road trying to affirm his dream, putting together a life with his fiancé, and getting all caught in between the two, because he might lose one if he doesn’t do well with both. Spirited walls can be fragile and easily wrecked once foundation isn’t strong enough. Topper’s definitely wasn’t.

  1. Lexi’s Expectation of Topper – You have to love your partner for what and who he/she is, now, and not on how you wish he/she will become.

In the Sa Wakas musical, it was made seem that Lexi wasn’t as enthusiastic and supportive anymore because Topper wasn’t fulfilling anything that was expected of him. Sure, success wasn’t easily chartered. But this old problem has been stemmed way back in the day people started setting ideals and standards for their partners. We love them now, because we expect them to be great or become somebody, someday. We are deducing them to what we want them to be, based on our own standards. And somehow, we come back lashing out at them if they ever fail to become the people we expect and shape them to be.

Why? Do we love them so they can be suitable enough? Do we love them because they have the potential of becoming perfect accessories to the image we are trying to portray? Or do we love them enough, that we expect nothing. Just the raw, unedited, unfiltered images of themselves. I guess, we have to realize that they too have plans, and have their own roads they want to take, not because you told them or want them to – it’s because that is where their hearts truly lie. We have to embrace the fact that we may have them as our partners, but they too, are free souls and they can be whatever they want to be.

We admire birds because they do something we can’t. They fly. We can’t cage them to just be pets and accessories to our homes. They don’t fulfil their purpose that way.

So here are some of my thoughts on this blockbuster hit of a play. I haven’t uploaded any single photo to mark that I was one of the few lucky people to have watched it. So maybe a blogpost? Hehe 😀

Over-all, Sa Wakas teaches us how to be better partners, better lovers, and better heart breakers. It helps you trace back what went wrong, what could have been done, and what would have happened if.

Sa wakas, magsisimula tayo.

Were you also able to watch it, or would want to watch it? Let us chat in the comments! 😀

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7 Things to Know Before Watching Train to Busan

Train to Busan is just another zombie movie. Wrong! Please insert “not” before “another”. You can actually say that it’s a zombie movie, with a heart.


Last holiday, I watched Train to Busan with my family. I was not looking forward to it actually because I am not really a fan of science fiction or zombie films, more so the nerve to watch the gore. (How unusual, knowing that I am a nurse too!)

Anyway, the rave is true. If you have been hearing so many good reviews about it, maybe it is true! And I am telling you right now, that they are! Whether you are a zombie-movie fan or not, this film will definitely tug at your heartstrings! Not in a cheesy kind of way, but something that is way much deeper than the love-sappy-whirlwhind we’ve all been fed up with.

I don’t want to spoil you, especially if you’re planning to watch it after reading this. But to make your movie watching truly nerve-wracking and satisfying, here are some reminders to make the most out of this intense zombiexperience:


  1. Watch it in the cinema. Please.

I highly recommend you watching this in the cinema. Keeping yourself surrounded with fellow thrill-chasers will double the heart-stopping experience and will make you feel as though you are in a zombie roller-coaster ride. No towering and fearful heights, or up and down slopes, just pure visual entertainment that will send your heart out of your heavy breathing chest. Screaming in chorus is just too priceless not to be subjected to. OMG. Why do I feel I suddenly sounded like a masochist? ;P


2.Do not watch it alone.

I mean, it’s still better to share a movie with another living person, apart from yourself. The jeering sound of zombie attacks, the millisecond save before that infectious bite, the looks of love between husband and wife, and the unwavering desire to keep your child safe – are just some of the highlights on why this is not your typical zombie movie. Discussing this with a known reciprocity will make you appreciate it more. It’s a lot less lonely than processing it on your own. (Sorry, this is too subjective. Haha I like discussing movies after watching. I even remember lines if they are too beautiful to forget.)


3. Do check your blood pressure.

Are you even fit to watch this? Well, not to be all health-preachy or anything, but I experienced considerable instances of tachycardia (increased heart rate). I mean in the most literal sense. Seriously, check yours. Because I am not joking when I say you have to be careful, because it will really send your heart out of that chest. Just remind yourself, it is just a movie. It is JUST a movie. And you’re not in Korea. Haha 😀 Hope that helps! Or maybe not? The movie’s palpable intensity is so devouring. I actually won’t be surprised if it becomes a game anytime soon!


4. Bring a handkerchief or tissue.

For those who are easily touched by moving lines, wonderful cinematography, and loud silence, be prepared. I actually thought there will be no crying scenes that day, because for Pete’s sake (whoever Pete is), it IS a zombie movie! Who cries in zombie movies? Haha 😀 Well, I can honestly say, it’s not me, it’s it. And yes, finding this out adds another reason on why you have to leave now and go to the nearest movie house, and buy that ticket!


5. Do not go to the washroom while the movie is on-going. Do not even blink.

Train to Busan is just too epic of a movie for you not to watch the whole 1:57:++ hours of it. The characters are all speaking in Korean, so gluing your eyes to the screen is a must for you to read the subtitles and understand. Not to mention that you might miss how the husband looked at his wife, and bid his last goodbye and still smiled, seconds away from his death. Or that sisterly and loving look towards one who was just as happy to finally realize that they are both still alive, only to be bitten moments after. I mean, there are scenes that are too distinct. Too raw. Too human. Oh my, did I just spoil? :O


  1. Give this movie a chance.

The movie may start like everything is under control, and the feel of the setting may appear too good and placid to be invaded by infected humans, but believe me, things will start to get more interesting once it hits its first ten minutes. Take note, first TEN minutes.


  1. Realize that you’re human and it’s still a fiction. For now.

Actually, I am not opting to sound like a movie critic, but if I can sum it up, with all the zombie-themed movies I have watched, this is perhaps the most realistic and the most compelling film ever. It was made beautifully, and focused not on the gore or horrendous parts, but rather on our humanistic nature. I mean, what are you going to do when a zombie apocalypse happens? I mean, that “For now.” attribute in my #7 title is just to add a little bit of a drama. But hey, the way the film Train to Busan was created felt like it is not close to impossible. There were no magical potions concocted, but just some toxic waste that apparently turns infected hosts to monsters. Oh well, I might be getting too overwhelmed, but one thing’s for sure. You cannot, in any way possible, miss this movie.

It’s bound to rivet your mystical and objective thoughts and make you question – “how can you protect yourself, from yourself.”

Train to Busan is still showing! See schedule in ClickTheCity !

Have you watched it? Or are you planning to? Lets chat about it in the comments! 😀


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