My BeautyMNL Makeup and Skin Care Haul

Shopping online has been a vice since college, and I think there can be no remedy – let alone get my consent. 🙂

How can you stop, when all the things that you want and need are just one click away? The convenience is the total deal breaker on this! Plus, you can use Paypal or your magic cards!

*If you know what I mean! 😉 wink! wink!

I have been wanting to shop and discover amazing new finds in the mall, but I can’t seem to find the time. I have been juggling a fair few things, and a trip to a store can be considered a miracle already!

Good thing, Beauty MNL houses all of these and lets me read about product specifics and score big discounts right in the comforts of my home!

Beauty MNL

I was handpicked to give the site a test run,  so my happy finger tips got astray, and found themselves ordering what was supposed to be a 3-4 item filled-shopping cart, but ended stacking more. Please don’t judge me!

Beauty MNL 1

I just love how easy it is to navigate their site. Everything is so organized, and this helped me find the items I need as swift as possible. I also love how they accept PayPal and credit cards for payment.


To my surprise, I got my beauty package the next day! Considering there was a long weekend ahead! Big thumbs up for that! 😀


So here is what I got! 😀 I am providing their direct links too! ❤


L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation (Shade: Golden Beige)

CLAIM TO FAME: An ultra long-lasting foundation with a natural matte finish


ALL Day HD Smoothing Prep Primer

CLAIM TO FAME: A gel primer that blurs the look of imperfections


Detail Eye Shadow Primer

CLAIM TO FAME: An eyelid primer that helps intensify the pigmentation of eyeshadows


Imagic Double-End Highlight and Contour Stick

CLAIM TO FAME: A dual-ended contour stick that delivers natural definition


Skin Genie Lip and Cheek Stain Alive!

CLAIM TO FAME: An all-natural makeup gel that delivers gorgeous color on lips and cheeks


Detail Lip Scrub

CLAIM TO FAME: A hydrating scrub that softens and smoothens lips


AlgyNatural Seaweeds Lotion

CLAIM TO FAME: A lightweight moisturizer for glowing skin all over


Made by David Organics – Orange and Vanilla Dry Shampoo

CLAIM TO FAME: Get gorgeously bouncy, sweet-smelling and healthy-looking hair in an instant.

(Left – What I Bought / Right – Freebies)

Beauty MNL was such a darling because they even gave me lots of FREEBIES! YAY! 😀 Now, I can try other products and test them for myself without having to buy the regular sized stuff! 😀


Biore Makeup Remover | Esfolio Aloe Vera Moisture Soothing Gel |v&M Naturals Mint Espresso Soap | Glam Glow |Black Beauty Gold Shampoo | Pro Studio Beauty exclusives Tinted Dry Shampoo in Cinnamon & Orange Scent |Stylista Coconut Hair Mask

I can post my reviews on these products in my upcoming posts, so stay tuned merfriends! Which reminds me, that shopping in Beauty MNL is also very uplifting and reassuring as you can also see personal reviews on each item left by the users!

You can even search for specific products and get insights on the users themselves in BEAUTY BY YOU section. You can just key in the product name, and voila!

Are you on Youtube too?

Perhaps you may also want to check out my UNBOXING/UNBAGGING video of this beauty haul! Head on to this link! And maybe subscribe?! 😀

beauty mnl3beauty MNL2

Reading them aided me in deciding whether I should buy the product or not. Wise move on this feature! 🙂

You can also read Beauty MNL’s in-house magazine, BLOOM to get more beauty, make up, and skin care updates! Just click on the first tab above! 😀

beauty mnl4

Find them at:

Facebook and Instagram: @beautymnl

You can check out Beauty MNL today and have your very own beauty haul with free shipping starting at P1,500 worth of purchase. Caution – it’s addicting! Once you start, you may never want to stop! 😀


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7 Things Why CAVA is Your Dream Makeup School

If there’s anything I’m not good at, considering how vain I am, oh, let me rephrase that – I mean how meticulous and valuable a physical image is to me, it’s probably putting on makeup.

I mean, I know the basics, but I believe my skills need more didactics. Good thing CAVA came into my life.

CAVA or the Centre for Aesthetics and Visual Arts is a makeup school, makeup events place, a makeup junkie’s haven all rolled into one! I was fortunate to be invited in their launch and got a lot of makeup takeaways after! So scroll down my dear merfriends to know more about this gem.


  1. It’s the baby of HG Studio

HG Studio is a makeup and photography studio spearheaded by Ms. Hazel Gonzales, an International Airbrush Specialist, Professional Bridal Makeup Artist, Beauty Consultant, and Entrepreneur.


Her passion and talent allowed her to travel the globe and perfect her craft. She has represented the esteemed cosmetic brand, Estee Lauder, by being its head makeup artist, and has been trained under international makeup gurus. No wonder, she is one of the most sought-after makeup consultants in the country.

Her creative works have also graced media covers and events, from magazines, billboards, commercials, tv shows, to photo shoots and fashion shows.


I was thrilled to know that HG Studio’s main love is working their magic in debuts and weddings. Considering I’m getting married in two years, it felt like destiny meeting them.

With all the things I wrote here, it was a matter of time (and maybe because of an insistent public demand) that HG Studio shares its creative prowess to those who would like to learn the art of makeup, hence the launch of CAVA.

  1. Wonderful Vision

Ms. Hazel shared about her formative years, wherein it was a bit challenging to enroll in Makeup Studies. She related that there was only one makeup school back then, and the tuition fees are a bit pricey, so she really had to work very hard to be able to afford her dream.


She even said that they were required to wear uniforms, and these added more to the ‘list’. That is why with CAVA, she wanted to assist those like her to be able to start and achieve their dreams a lot easier. So expect reasonable terms, merfriends!

  1. Waze-able and Familiar Location


Having a background in real estate, I was trained that location is the first thing you look at in establishments. I was ecstatic to know that CAVA is very easy to find, and I can waze myself going towards it. Your UBER/GRAB ride can be as swift too!

Here are their addresses:

HG Studio – Torre Venezia Suites 170 Timog Avenue, corner Scout Santiago Street, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila, Pilipinas

CAVA (Centre for Aesthetics and Visual Arts) – Unit 305 Victoria Tower Commercial, Panay Avenue Cor. Timog Avenue, Quezon City

  1. Gorgeous Interiors


I love how the upscale interiors are designed; they make me want to learn makeup professionally already. I am sure, one look at this, and CAVA’s email will be bombarded by makeup enthusiasts wanting to be enlisted in their makeup classes.

Via Galang CAVA 3Via Galang CAVA 6Via Galang CAVA 1

The interiors remind me of Moulin Rouge, where performers prepare before the show, only this looks more chic and modern.

  1. Quality Program and Services Trusted by Celebrities


Since there is only one brain mom who gave birth to HG Studio and CAVA, it’s no wonder that some of their clients attended and visited them during the launch.

Rachel Alejandro and Marco Alcaraz were there. And we had a quick sesh posting for photos.


One of the makeup artists who did a demo, Ms Eva is also a student from CAVA and she now works for MAC. She’s a testimony that CAVA can help you achieve your beauty dreams and take you places!

  1. Amazing Mentors and Staff

    IMG_20170407_105813-01Ms Hazel, together with Ms Maria and all the members of CAVA Team were all nice and accommodating. Their friendly smiles surely diminish the tension of awkward introductions, attendees’ reserved demeanor, and I bet, even the nervousness of their clients either an artist,  debutante or bride. Their warm personalities and professionalism make you want to book them for every event!IMG_20170407_110538-01IMG_20170407_110704-01

Ms Hazel also showed us how wearing a primer can drastically make colors pop more, compared to none. She also mentioned that primers cater to different types of skin, so we shouldn’t be mixing the primers meant for eyes lids, face, and lips.

I also learned that skin’s reaction to makeup regarding acidity is not seen days after. You can actually see it within minutes, 30 minutes at most.

How would you know if you’re acidic to a makeup brand? Apply some directly on the skin where you’re supposed to use it and then wait. If it turns darker, you’re acidic. 🙂 Such a huge takeaway! 🙂

  1. Ideal Venue for Beauty and Makeup Events

Now things start to become more and more interesting for CAVA. This isn’t just a makeup school; you can actually rent the place out for events, tutorials, makeup parties, meet-ups, talks, sponsorship affairs, etc. How fascinating is that? So if you’re a makeup artist wanting to host your first event, head on to CAVA and have this amazing place enjoyed by you and your attendees!

After the makeup sesh, JC Gellidon (Sony Ambassador) also taught us how we can maximize our camera phones to achieve good selfies and create beautiful photos with basic photography know-how.




Mireh Manna also stuffed our tummies with good food, which is why learning makeup and basic photography became more fun! And The Sexy Chef was there too! I am sure you heard that they deliver healthy food to those wanting to achieve great summer bods!

I learned so many things that day, pretty new wonderful things actually! And since you’re reading this post today, I have some good news!

Hazel Gonzales Makeup Workshop

CAVA will be hosting their second Makeup Workshop tomorrow! April 29, 2017, in their studio! Each enrollee will also be given a certificate of participation upon finishing the course as well as a gift bag filled with goodies for makeup junkies. Slots are limited so enroll now!

Please text or call (02) 6220360 / 09178830086 to know more!

You may also contact them through the following:

CAVA – Centre for Aesthetics and Visual Arts

3rd Floor Victoria Towers Commercial Bldg., Timog Ave. Quezon City,


Phone.: +632.622.0360      Mobile: +63917.8830086


HG Studio

Torre Venezia Suites, Timog Ave.Quezon City, Philippines


Twitter: @MakeupbyHG       Instagram:

Phone: +63 2 622 0360        Mobile: +63 917 883 0086

Email: / /

Via Galang Kisty Mea

With fellow blogger, Kisty Mea! Had such a great time sharing this experience with you! 🙂

Via Galang Hazel GonzalesVia Galang CAVA

Got these freebies too! Thanks CAVA and Lui & Elle! 🙂


Excited to learn makeup? What’s your favorite makeup product? I love lipsticks! What’s yours?

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Make Up Workshop: Look Sexy with Must Be Lexie

Since I was talking about Personality Development in my recent post, I thought I should key in more blog posts about this topic, especially when I have an upcoming entry about makeup!

Yes makeup! OMG!

I was never a good makeup artist. I just know I have to always look presentable, especially when facing clients, and whenever I have to train a class. With the limited talent I have with brushes and blushes, I have to do everything on my own! Imagine my mini heart attacks during events!

Anyway, I have also seen a video depicting the differences between Western and Korean’s style in putting makeup. And I wondered which one is more suitable to my face type.

According to that video, basically, Western Makeup Style looks mature, glamorous, glittery, edgy and often makes someone really look like a movie star.

While Korean Makeup Style appears youthful, glowy, sweet, innocent, and most of the time appears very delicate.

With today’s workshop though, I think I will do a Western look.


That is why it was so timely when I had the chance to join Ms. Lexie Panaligan’s free makeup tutorial!

I was giddy I cannot wait to go!

It was held in Komunidad Filipino Cuisine Restaurant in Antipolo City, and in there Ms. Lexie taught us the basics of doing our own makeup. Here is the guide on which cosmetic/product we should put first before the other. Arranged ordinally are the following:

  1. Eye Cream
  2. Moisturizer
  3. Primer (at the T-zone)
  4. CC Cream
  5. Concealer (Under eyes)
  6. Foundation
  7. Translucent Powder
  8. Eye Shadow
  9. Eyeliner
  10. Eye Curler / Curlash
  11. Mascara (One dip should be enough for both lashes)
  12. Bronzer and Blush
  13. Eyebrow
  14. Concelear (Under the eyes. Again.)
  15. Lipbalm
  16. Lip Color (Lipliners and glosses are optional.)

But if you have braces like me, best way to toss glosses for the meantime. Metals and extra glitters will only create a greasy look, like it’s too busy and that there are so many things going on in one little bodypart!




We used Mary Kay products, and actually it’s my first time to use them. I particularly adore the foundation, because it felt so light in the face. Their matte lipstick was so rich in color as well!

The key takeaway for me was doing the eyebrows!

I am sooo envious on how others really master the craft of creating the perfect brows, that is why when I learned that all you essentially need, the first and foremost is a good makeup brush.

So here is my finished look!


You can achieve that dark to light effect color from your brow bone towards the area where your 2 eyebrows meet, by swiftly gliding your brush from the middle towards the ‘meet-up place’. In that way you only spread lighter shades, not making them look like some stickers plastered above your eyes.

I also got to take home a Mary Kay Eye Brow Liner. Thanks so much! 🙂

Komunidad food was great as well; I didn’t know this junction offer such great meals!


So thanks to this, no more brow-horrors for me! And I think that’s so sexy!


By the way, you can find Ms. Lexie Panaligan in her page Must Be Lexie to know more about makeup tips and tutorial schedules!

Have you joined any make up workshops? What was your key takeaway? 🙂

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UnMASKing Dearberry: Royal Jelly Charcoal and Coco’s Secret Recipe Facial Masks Review

I recently discovered the joy and grace brought about by these infamous face angels, and I can’t believe why I seemed to live under a rock for so long.

Growing up, I was one of those girls who was too conscious about physical appearance. If you happen to be a 90’s kid, just like me, you would remember Johnson and Johnson’s Pure Essentials and Matte and Fresh. These were the famous tween products during that time, and naturally it wouldn’t be a surprise to find them in my kikay kit. 😀

As part of a nightly beauty regimen, I was so accustomed in putting on creams on my face. It always feels incomplete whenever I don’t put anything on when I sleep. It’s as if there’s no pillow or blanket on a bed. Something is missing.

Anyway, if you have been reading my blog for the past month, you would have read something about the new Korean makeup and beauty brand I’ve been raving about. It’s called Dearberry, and you can view my posts about the launch and makeup review in these links.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

One product I’d like to highlight is the Facial Mask. Facials masks are protective covering that goes over your face or part of your face; but in beauty speak, these come with amazing skin properties that can help your skin look younger, smoother, whiter, more evened, more supple, hydrated, and healthier!

I first tried a different brand earlier this year, and I really like the results. Although, it felt a little heavy on the pocket, as each sheet cost me at least P49.  So if you’re going to put on a mask every night (which is adviseable by the way), it’s going to yield you around P343 per week, and 1,470 per month! Hmm. That may just be too much.

Good thing, Dearberry is here to recuperate our miscarried face mask hopes! Tadaa! So let me run you through the 5 adorable masks this adorable brand can offer (basing on my experience too of course!):

  1. Extreme Nourishing Royal Jelly Charcoal Mask

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Charcoal masks have been circling the beauty scene in the recent months, and you’ll know why girls are going ga-ga over this. Charcoal is known to have adsorptive properties, as it magnets impurities out of the skin, leaving only a youthful glow behind.

It is a powerful moisturizing black mask that contains xylitol, xylitylglucoside, anhydroxylitol which help strengthen skin’s moisture barrier, makng the skin glossy.

Niacinamide and adenosine, functional ingredients make the skin bright and radiant, helping improve wrinkles.
Black mask sheet containing charcoal with an excellent purifying action gives rich sense of moisturization and supplies intensive nutrition to the skin.

By the way, there are two types of facial masks, the sheet mask (this one) and the cream mask.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

If this is your first time to use a sheet type, it may be a little awkward at first, once you open the sachet. It may be challenging to figure out how the orientation of the soaking fold is, but you’ll get the hang of it soon enough! ;D

For Dearberry’s version of charcoal mask, I particularly love how it made me look so radiant the following morning. Usually, I tend to put an ample amout of BB Cream on my face before heading out, but this mask made me look really glowing that I only need a product’s thin layer. My skin felt hydrated too! Not to mention, using this once or twice a week is already enough.

Price: P120 (Use once or twice a week)

2. Coco Secret Recipe Masks

Next one, are the cream/liquid masks. 🙂 And they come in 5 variants!


Brown – Potato   /   Blue – Milk    /    Purple – Yam   /   Orange – Pumpkin   /  Yellow – Honey (No tub sample available)

100 mL per tub – costs P580 (I believe you may use this for a month or two. A total bargain indeed!)

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Here are the 4 samples I got in the Dearberry loot bag. I don’t have the Purple – Yam variant here though. But I believe it’s as wonderful as the rest I’ve tried.

For this product, I believe this is such a big bang for the buck in  your facial masking life! Can you believe that each sachet costs only for P10 ? And you can use it 3-4 times!

OMG OMG OMG. Did I just say OMG?

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

A. Honey

About:  The propolis of honey gives your skin the elasticity and vitality you always wanted.

Texture: It has a syrupy texture And it pretty smells and feels like honey, only slightly diluted and lighter than the original honey.

My Thoughts: When you spread it to your face, you will notice that it has this warm effect on the skin. It actually felt nice for me. It felt like my pores were being opened to absorb the nutrients of the mask.

Verdict: This is actually my favorite. I remember waking up and my little pimple finally ripened, enough for it to pop in a healthy way. My face felt smooth and dewy the morning after.

Recommendations: I recommend it to people who don’t get much sleep, stressed at work, and those who are always expose to the sun.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

B. Milk

About: Gently exfoliates with no beads for clearer skin while nourishing and moisturizing.

Texture: It reminded me of Nivea lotion. It has a lotion feel to it, and it may be moderately sticky too.

My Thoughts: It actually felt like Nivea. There was a feeling that it was very natural, talk about the sensation of rinsing your face with water.

Verdict: My face felt moisturized and soft the following morning. Its moisturizing properties are strong.

Recommendations: I recommend this to people who have normal to dry skin.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

C. Pumpkin

About: With its pumpkin complex, it brightens and nourishes your skin.

Texture: It has a jelly-mousse like texture. It has a floral scent, not what I was expecting about pumpkin. It also has a paste-y feel into it.

My Thoughts: It definitely brightened up my face. However it’s cakey feeling also made it challenging to remove. It’s extra clingy to the face too, making it a little bit difficult to wash off.

Verdict: My skin looked vibrant and extra clean the following morning. Although it felt a little dry too. Maybe because my skin is not that oily too.There was nothing much to take. :p

Recommendations: I recommend this for people who have oily skin, and those who always put on make up, epecially those who apply heavy and oil-based products on their faces.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

D. Potato

About: Cool sherbet texture great for soothing your skin in hot weather; Provides moisture and wakes tired skin

Texture:Non-sticky and feels like an intense moisturizer. Evenly dissolves into face when applied. It feels cool on the face too!

My Thoughts: It felt like Celeteque Moisturizer. It’s liquid, but is viscous enough to hold together before they spread evenly on your face.

Verdict: My skin felt hydrated. And even though I applied it and slept a little late after, my face still looked fresh after.

Recommendations:  Definitely for workaholics! Haha For bloggers who stay up very late to finish a blogpost, just like me! And for students who need to review late for an exam, just like me again.. before! Haha Say hello to our new bestfriend! yay!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

So there you have it. Actually, I had a difficult time choosing which I like best. because all are really effective and gives amazing effects on the skin. However, it may still depend on your skin type and its nourishing needs. Know them first, and then choose a mask that best suits you.

Get yours at Everyware PH or 0915.444.9009!

I hope you find this helpful! 🙂 Let me know your thoughts too! Let’s chat away! :*

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Because Dearberry Beauty Demands No Filter


Uploading photos in social media can be daunting at times, let alone a blogpost filled with them. It has been a constant dilemma and a challenge for photo enthusiasts, such as myself  on how to properly adjust and create the right filter for every image. I believe that some bloggers, if not all, experience this once in a while.

Now, today, it is a different story.

We all know, that lighting is every selfie-addict’s bestfriend. It forms and highlights your face just right, gives off the illusion in your good angles, and it may totally create the difference in truly producing a high quality photo. However, I’m not going to talk about a photo editing app here. I’m sharing to you some photos I took today, fresh from my gallery. Untouched. Unedited.

So what do these photos have then?

Well, just my usual chubby cheeks – which happen to form part for about 60% of my face, only that I am wearing something special. I’m wearing Dearberry Cosmetics.


Photo Concealer
I love how Photo Concealer easily blends on my skintone, and how it effectively covers my pimple marks. I highly recommend this product, especially for fair-skinned girls like me. Blemishes are always a nightmare as they are exaggerately visible amidst the light tone of my face. Aside from that, they are tideous to hide too, good thing Photo Concealer makes it a whole lot easier!
Suri suri Aguamenti Powder Pact
Suri suri Aguamenti Powder Pact is such a darling, because it feels very light on the skin and it doesn’t cake as well. In days, wherein I have to walk a fair number of blocks under the sweltering heat of the sun, this product never fails to amaze me. I am in awe on how I still manage to look vibrant! This product is my freshness-go-to from now on!


The Eyetem Mascara
The Eyetem Mascara keeps my lashes on fleek, and doesn’t smear nor stick together.
Bling it On Eyeshadow
And the Bling it On Eyeshadow is so wonderful to apply on the lids too. It is highly pigmented, allowing me to only brush a few strokes. It is my on-the-go eye shadow now, especially whenever I only have a few minutes left to prepare for work. This product adds drama to my eyes, without me spending too much of a time applying it. A true makeup essential indeed!
Lip Service Lipstick in Midnight Pink
I adore how this pink hue resembles the natural color of the lips. It just brings out that effortlessly chic vibe that any woman can seamlessly don, wherever, whenever! What I did is that I topped it off on my regular brown lippie (Ever Bilena – Toast of New York) to give my lips that extra girly and sweet accent. I love how these two colors complement each other. I think this is a perfect everyday lipcolor too. You can never go wrong with this hue!
I actually mean to post my photos in their raw forms, because Dearberry Beauty demands no filter! It’s enough to make girls look beautiful already! Oh, and photo-ready! Haha 😀
What do you think? Let me know in the comments! 🙂
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Dearberry: The Sweetest Treat for Beauty Buffet Lovers

I love makeup. I practically wear them everyday.

picture3Makeup is essential to any person, regardless of gender (I believe!). It enhances your physical image, making you look more presentable, credible, likeable, trustworthy, and extremely polished to match that high level of professionalism. Makeup is something you go to (aside from your bestfriend) everytime you have something special to prepare for or going on. There is just something that makes us feel extra confident and beautiful when we wear them. They are like amulettes of some sort. That is why, it was such a delight when I got invited to Dearberry Philippines’ Premier Launch for Bloggers and Video Bloggers.


Last September 3, I sashayed my excited glass wedge heels to Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg in Ortigas.

I just got in time and was wowed by all the pinkiness of Dearberry: from the registration booth to the hall, down to the press kit.


I sat down with fellow bloggers and was too excited for what’s about to happen. I read about Dearberry prior to attending and I found it very timely for the brand. The Philippine market is doing well, and our shores couldn’t be much happier than to welcome this Korean beauty line.

You see, I’ve always fancied Korean products. It makes me wonder how they can be so different from other products, but they definitely answer the needs and pampering wishes of Asian skin. I guess, that is why most of my makeup are Korean-made.



Minutes after, Odie and Marika of BamRock MDSG started the brand introduction and product  orientation. They were so cute and bubbly, that I am not sure which did I enjoy more, the product information or their hosting. Haha 🙂


Executives from Dearberry Korea were also present. They all look sprightly and youthful, which made me more curious about the brand. I am in my late 20s already, and investing on my skin is now a top-priority. Little did I know, I was in for something that can support me on my quest to look forever 21! Haha :))


The product orientation really had us glued to the slides, and the cosmetics being passed around, for testing and swatches. It was super cool how each product is unique and naturally becomes a top list in any make-up artist’s , enthusiast’s, and/or  newbie’s beauty loot.

So brace yourselves my dear mermaids, mermen, and merfolks!


Dearberry is  a Korean makeup and beauty brand that you’ll go shopcrazy about! That’s actually just an understatement. The brand essence of Dearberry is “affordable high quality cosmetics” made with ingredients from nature.” It’s called Dearberry because most extracts are from 8 berries (Blueberry, Acai berry, Raspberry, Aronia berry. Elderberry, Cranberry, Blackberry and Strawberry).

From the same makers of  high-end and good quality beauty brands such as The Face Shop, L’Oreal and Tony Moly, Dearberry is a promising line that will definitely do wonders to our skin and makeup pegs without burning holes in our pockets!

Dearberry believes the simple truth, “healthy skin is most beautiful” and sticks to the basics, “firstly keep skin healthy, then optimally solve target issues.”

It’s wonderful to know that these products are made of natural ingredients and fruit berries that are totally friendly, scientifically proven, and nurturing to the skin.

So as to pacify your impatient but excited hearts, here are the goodies you will soon welcome in your makeup kits!



Right bottle with orange cap – Waterproof Point Makeup Remover /  Left bottle with pink cap – Hypoallergenic makeup remover



Everlasting moisture is what these trio gives, you’ll never complain of dry skin again! Yay! :))



I love how this primer feels on the skin. It’s mattifying properties surely are strong!


I am amazed how this affordably priced gem covers my  stubborn pimple marks! Yes I’ve been using this after the event, and it’s a must-buy! I’ll post a review soon!


Suri suri Aguamenti Powder Pact (This reminds me of a magic spell Harry Potter casts in the basin in Half-blood Prince! Potterheads, dibaaaa?!) This is very light on the skin. Makes you feel like you’re not wearing any makeup at all.


Gives you exceptionally good finish that covers blemishes!




Sometimes, when I don’t have to train a class or face clients, I do not feel compelled to wear makeup, worrying I am just putting to much gunk in my face that will later on cause my pores to breakout. But Dearberry erases all those woes away! Now these are very helpful especially when I’m all feeling lazy – a good set of kilay (brow) tools and makeup! Haha Truly, kilay is life!


The Rock It eye pallette is so dainty and it reminds me of prom, first kisses, and innocence! These are excellent for weekend dates and girly hangouts with friends!


The eyeshadows also come in singles! My favorite is the Climon Brown shade, which I got in the free loot. Browns and nudes are simply the most versatile shade for every outfit, event,  and skincolor.


Must eyetem Mascara! They glide evenly to your lashes, I promise!




Very helpful lipbalms for the cold and wintry weather! Either in the office or university, this should definitely be in your beauty list right now!


OMG! I will repeat: A girl can NEVER have too many lipsticks. It’s a fact. Bow.


The crown detail inside of the Prin-sense Duo is such a takeaway! It will undoubtedly make you feel that this cute little lipbalm is made just for you! How can they know that we are into crowns? Dearberry must have ESP or something!




Good facial masks are a great way to pamper stressed skin from a hard day’s work.


This soothing cream is waterbased and can be a good alternative if your skin is too sensitive for oil-based creams.


These queenly products bring back the energy of your skin and revitalize the bright skin tone with a fresh feeling left behind.


Snail creams are all the rage both in Korea and the Philippines right now! They lock in moisture and protect your skin in the eye area from harmful allergens in the environment.


The oh-so-cute packaging is such an endearing surprise to keep us all happy and perky when we’re using these perfume hand creams! This is perfect for girls who are always inside airconditioned establishments, like me! The cold is an awesome venue for dry skin, hands and chappy lips! Yikes! So this handcream is a savior!


There was also a makeup session after the presentation.We were taught how to apply basic and natural makeup. With all the many tutorials on Youtube and blogs, I highly appreciate this one! It gave me a lot of insights on how to apply such good quality makeup, by looking more for less.



The event was a total success, and an amazing experience indeed! I got to meet and be friends with beautiful bloggers and vloggers!

Say hi to Cas (Vlogger / Youtube Channel / Instagram) and Erika (Blogger / Blog / Instagram) . Visit their amazing perspectives in their pages!


This awesome lady, Lou (Blogger / Blog / Instagram ) to whom for a very short time, I have shared so many things about life and love and work, and so many things I cannot count with my fingers already!


Karen, a lovely Accountancy student who has so many things in store for her! I am excited to meet you again and talk about girly and school stuff! (Even though I am past graduation for x-number of years, which I do not wish to disclose, thank you.) 😀


The sweet and too much of a darling, The High-heeled Hunter, Kyna Sy (Blogger / Blog / Instagram) ! OMG! I can’t believe we share so many things, and like so many things! We are soooo Facebook gal pals already! Haha :)) Can’t wait to see you and make kwento!


This is too blurry! 😦 But I hope to get a clearer copy though. But from Left to Right, that’s Candis Yu – Daphne Sy – Lauren Espino – Me – Kit Cuenta (Blogger / Blog / Instagram) – Lou Ongpin – Kyna Sy


Here are our earlier-that-day photos! Haha :)) I was part of the organizer for a photoshoot, but I told them I have to leave early for an event. I didn’t know we’re going to be at the same place again! Haha :)) I’m excited for our project and to meet you girls soon!

Daphne Siy – Lauren Espino – Candis Yu of Posh Possibilities (Bloggers / Blog / Instagram)


Here is the whole Blogger ala class pic! So happy to be part of this beautiful group of online influencers! Thank you Dearberry for making me meet new friends as well! 🙂

*Photo credits to respective owners


All smiles with the Dearberry mastermind Mr. Vince Ting! Thank you for having us! It was a delight being part of this amazing brand launch and I’m looking forward for this collaboration!


And to keep things polished, and well-versed, I got to take home a beauty loot with all these sweet goodies! I will be posting a review on this soon!

Truly, Dearberry is the sweetest treat for beauty buffet lovers!

Are you excited with Dearberry? Me too! Lets go talk about it in the comments!


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