Church Windows

One of the best things about my work is that we don’t follow a stiffly structured dress code. I mean, sure we wear corporate outfits and formal attires, but the people in our department believes that we can always work on something interesting and practical. Hence, the trendy corporate ensembles!

We define it as something more upbeat than smart casual, but slightly below or nestling around formals. We occasionally wear this kind during events and mall-wide open houses. I infer this is our take on not looking typical and boring, knowing that the real estate industry is somehow veering on those two adjectives.


I like dresses very  much, because they are easy to wear. You wouldn’t have to think what top or bottom will match. They also basically cover the important parts of your body. They make me look taller – and these longsleeves dress give hints on looking demure and conservative, a perfect combination for work!


I love how the prints on this dress remind me of the movie Seklusyon. When you’re far from me, it’s a tad difficult to discern what kind of images they are, but as you look closely you can see how intricate the church window details are. I am actually in awe how this made me look extra-scholarly, so I opted to put on some red-rimmed eye glasses to match the general hue of the prints and of course my hair!

What do you think loves? 😀


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Awkward to Forward: Your Guide to Winning OOTD Poses in Instagram

At the very least, everybody has his or her own kind of awkward. I guess life cannot be too sweet and perfect or else you wouldn’t try to aspire to be better or even lift a finger to outdo yourself, from whatever thing you’ve done previously.


I have a fair number of fails and awkward stories, but recently I’ve been trying to improve my performance on the OOTD poses’ department. I mean, I’ve been blogging since 2004, although it was basically a personal one, and I never felt the need to share what I’m wearing.


But then, fashion blogs and amazing bloggers behind them surfaced, and it’s the most interesting ever! Who doesn’t like fashion anyway? Considering how much moolah and talent you’ve spent on styling them to yourself, it’s also quite fair that such pieces are ought to be shared and be seen by the rest of the world? It’s the least you can do to things that are already, and are, making you beautiful.

And so, the #ootd was born.


The dilemma that you are faced somehow, is how to conduct yourself in front of the camera, and not look even a tad awkward. Truly, the struggle is real, especially if it’s your first time! Okay, disclaimer: I am not an expert in this. I’d just like to share thoughts that I learned based on my experience and on the blogs I’ve read. So here it goes.

Background is everything.


Before you even start posing, make sure your background is clear of clutter and no unnecessary or unpleasant things are peering behind you’re back. You want your studio or made-up-studio to be neat and complementing.

Ensure enough lighting.


Whether it’s a daytime or nightime shoot, consider good lighting! It can create a perfect vibe to your picture. Personally, I like taking photos in daytime, around 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, where the sun is happy and the brightest. This can really give you a good contrast, and an easy time at editing. You can also choose to take photos in a nearby shade, as not to cause damage to your skin.

When your background, lighting, and the rest of your look (make up, clothes, shoes, accessories, tec.) are all set, you can now opt to try these poses! Enjoy!

  1. I-Forgot-Something Look


  2. I-Lost-Something Look


  3. I’m-In-A-Hurry Look


  4. What-Are-You-Looking-At Look


  5. Something-Is-In-My-Hair Look


  6. I’m-Tired-Of-Waiting Look


  7. I’m-Feeling-Playful Look


  8. Something-Is-Over-There Look


  9. What-Should-I-Do-With-My-Life Look


  10. Mischievous Look


  11. My-Shoes-Are-So-Pretty Look


  12. I-Have-Something-In-My-Bag Look


  13. Hopeful-For-Every-Tomorrow Look


  14. I’m-In-The-Middle-Of-Fixing-Myself Look


  15. I-Can’t-Think-Of-Any-Pose-Anymore-Suko-Na-Ko-Bes Look


As you can observe, I like lifting my hand, because it creates a triangle form whenever I flex my arm. Triangles in the whole physique creates an illusion of shape. And, heaven knows how much I need it! Haha :))

Remember, the key to this is to practice, practice, practice! Nothing beautiful ever comes easy, so take comfort in the reality that you need to work on your best poses first. Just be comfortable and don’t forget to have fun with it.


So here are my reminders:

  • Relax your shoulders.
  • Maintain a good posture. Don’t slouch.
  • Keep your legs crossed.
  • Relaxed your tensed muscles.
  • Relax your lips. Dreamy looks are achieved better with striking eyes and how you accentuate your look with your lips.
  • Wear shades if you’re too lazy to put eye makeup!
  • Be your natural happy self.


Probably the best tip I can give is do not be super still in a photoshoot. Move around! Have fun with your poses, pose for 3 seconds and then shift to another one. Lift your hand, look the other way, cross your legs, or pretend like you’re about to walk – the possibilities ARE endless. And, a fast shutter wouldn’t hurt either! Haha  I am not biased or anything, but most of my best shots are taken by an Iphone, and are just stolen shots, mind you!


Do not feel that you’re so vain either! It’s a numbers game after all! The more photos taken, the more chances you’ll get that perfect shot! It’s all about options! You have to try at least a couple of times to choose the best one! The people nearby will not remember you anyway, so why care? Haha  At least you got that ootd photo right!


Did I miss anything out? Share your ootd pose ideas and links! And if you’re planning to try these poses, please tag me on IG @encyclopevia !  I’d be happy to check them out! And  I’m sure your Instagram is going to be happy too!

Lets start sharing! 😀

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ALDO anything for you!

If we’ve been friends forever, you should know that shoes do not just occupy a big portion in my heart – they are my heart.

In buying shoes whether online or not, I only have one self-imposed rule: If it doesn’t make my heart beat – pass.

I do believe that life is too short to wear boring shoes, so if it fits, buy it in every color! After my Nailaholics Pampering Sesh , I stumbled upon this haven in Robinson’s Metro East. Please note I am just human, a mere mortal, defenseless and powerless under the magnetizing force of these four letters : S-A-L-E.


Told ya! How can you not adopt these babies? They fit perfectly, they have gold heels, and they come in mint color! How many times do you find Aldo heels in mint??? And how many times do you get them for more than 50% off? Never!

So you see, no blaming here! Thank you for understanding me! Haha :))

So what are you waiting for? Head on to Robinson’s Metro East and get youself some shoe shopping retail therapy! Show your newly painted digits more love!

And now that’s what I call the Ultimate Nail Pampering Day!


Lets shop together sometime? 😀

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Help! I have nothing to wear!

Choosing a partner for life is enough of a problem, let alone the outfit you’re going to wear for the day.

This is always the case whenever a girl will open her closet. This is always the case whenever I, open my own closet. We’ve all been there, opening that old trusty door, with so many clothes inside, but for some reason, it hits us. We have nothing to wear! Haha :)) It’s a really funny thing everytime I explain this to John. He just doesn’t get it. But either way, it has been a plague for so many centuries already, and we just have no choice but to deal with it.

In choosing clothes, I highly prioritize buying those that do not need ironing. Who has time anyway? You’re running late for a meeting and you still have to do your makeup, not to mention that you have to allott extra 10 minutes in perfecting those brows.

This can  really come in handy when you just snatch that dress, fresh from the laundry and pull yourself in! Just like this one! The design is so classy, it’s perfect for an everyday corporate wear! Just cinch a belt and you’re done!


I’m wearing the dress from The Chic List collection of Everyware PH. We just launched a new batch so better check them out early before they ran out!


Instagram and Twitter: @everywarePH


What do you think about this? Would you wear this to work too? Let’s share ideas! 🙂


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