A First-Time-Mom’s Prenatal Care and Lactation Class at HealthFirst Clinic

The funny thing about time is that you cannot stop it. It just goes on and on, and sometimes it doesn’t warn you that life isn’t the same way again.

You have been part of my journey as a blogger for the past two years, and I cannot thank you enough for sticking with me till today.

As adulting takes its course in my life, I am happy to welcome, write, document and share these changes as they unfold to teach me lessons that are bound to be beneficial in one way or another. And I also hope that with the virtual pages of this humble blog, you also get to learn a thing or two.

As you all know, I just dropped the biggest surprise of my life in my previous post, and while this is something I am extremely happy about, I know I need all the help I can get to prepare for this – motherhood.

Golly, I miss my Mom.


Last weekend, I had the most joyous opportunity of going to the Free Lecture on Prenatal Care and Lactation with Dr. Madrigal-Dy; hosted by HealthFirst Clinic.


Together with first-time moms, I was introduced to the routine check-ups and the things we need to observe as expectant mothers. I must say it feels different for me but in the most exciting way.

I used to study maternal and child care way back in my nursing classes as an upcoming health professional, but this time it was my turn to become the patient and be very responsible about my condition.

I appreciate how Dr. Dy explained prenatal care in a very patient-centered way that I felt empowered in taking charge of my pregnancy. I believe the experience will be more taken care of and enjoyed if the mother is well-informed about the things that can promote a healthy gestation.


I am even wondering if my mother ever had classes like this. I mean, she’s an Economics Major, and there was no Youtube before, how do you become a mom? A good mom.

While I understand that you have to be very patient and willing in caring for your newborn, I guess it will really take a lot of strength and good health in maintaining your good relationship with your little one, which is why breastfeeding is also very important.


Lactation was also highlighted during the talk, and I realized that moms can be different from each other, same way how our breasts respond to the needs of each baby. So I’m really hoping I get to feed my little one just enough. OMG!

After the lecture, I felt more assured and informed about what things I need to consider and not miss as I progress in my pregnancy. And I can’t believe I got to learn about these for free!

Ultrasound Room

Ultrasound Facility

Can you also believe that they have much lower rates in terms of their diagnostic services than most hospitals? For one, their Transvaginal and Pelvic Ultrasound only costs P1,260 each.

How I wish I found them sooner! :O

So if you’re an expectant mom like me, be sure to know about HealthFirst’s upcoming lectures. They are surely bound to help you in your journey as a walking miracle carrying another miracle!

HealthFirst Clinic Women’s Health Center is the modern Moms’ one-stop shop clinic partner. And can you believe that they are just in the hearts of most commercial and business districts! Talk about not having to worry how far does it have to take to visit! 🙂


From pregnancy to post-partum, menopause, all the way into women’s golden years, HealthFirst Women’s Health Center offer comprehensive & specialized healthcare services housed in a pleasant, one-stop shop setting.


Below is the complete list of services:

Pre-natal and Post-natal Care for Low Risk & High Risk Pregnancy

  • OB-GYN Ultrasound
  • Breast Clinic (Mammogram & Breast Ultrasound)*
  • Gynecological Care (Pelvic Exam & Pap Smear)
  • Gynecological Cancer Prevention & Care
  • Infertility & Menopause Clinic

Contact Details:

HealthFirst Clinic Mandaluyong – Women’s Health Center

Level 3, SOHO Central Shaw Blvd., Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City

Telephone No.: (632) 634-5714 loc. 6721

Clinic Hours: 8AM-6PM, Mon-Sat

Mammogram Room

Mammogram Facility

*Except for Mammogram, all services are also available in other HealthFirst Clinic branches:


HealthFirst Clinic Eastwood

Level 3, Cyber & Fashion Mall, Eastwood, Quezon City

Telephone No.: (+632) 718-0829 / 0917 673 3669

Clinic Hours: 8AM-6PM, Mon-Sat; Sun (By Appointment)


HealthFirst Clinic Cubao

Level 3, Spark Place Mall, P. Tuazon, Corner 10th Ave., Cubao, Quezon City

Telephone No.: (+632) 282 4513 / 0977 835 3833

Clinic Hours: 8AM-6PM, Mon-Sat


HealthFirst Clinic Makati

Level 1, Legaspi Towers 200, Paseo de Roxas, Legaspi Village, Makati City

Telephone No.:  (+632) 729 2060 / 0917 631 4620

Clinic Hours: 8AM-6PM, Mon-Sat


HealthFirst Clinic BGC

Level 2, Bonifacio Technology Center, 31st Street cor 2nd Avenue, BGC Taguig City

Telephone No.: (+632) 856 7939 / 0917 804 2985

Clinic Hours: 8AM-6PM, Mon-Fri | 8AM-12NN, Saturdays


HealthFirst Clinic Cebu

Level 1, i2 Building Jose Maria del Mar St., Cebu IT Park Lahug, Cebu City

Telephone No.: (+632) 236 6986 / 0917 868 0142

Clinic Hours: *8AM-6PM, Mondays-Fridays *8AM-12NN | Saturdays


HealthFirst Clinic Alabang

G/F, South Supermarket Alabang, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Telephone No.: (+632) 821 1423 / 0917 559 9792

Clinic Hours: 8AM-6PM, Mon-Sat


HealthFirst Clinic Pasay – Mall of Asia

G/F, Five E-Com Building, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

Telephone No.: (+632) 845 4877 / 0917 844 5706

Clinic Hours: 8AM-6PM, Mon-Sat


See you in one of their prenatal care and pregnancy classes? Be sure to check out their Facebook for updates! 😀

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/HealthFirstClinicPH/


Till next time! 😀

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5 Things Pregnancy Does to You that No One Warned You About

So for the very first time, I’m finally going to write about the biggest news I dropped on Facebook. It’s not even the time I got engaged or got married. I even can’t believe I had almost 700 likes on that post!

If we are not friends on Facebook, I’d like to tell you, that – I’M PREGNANT!

Yes! :’)

Breathe in.. Breathe out.. Do as I did when I found out.

We were so thrilled when we found out, and a little nervous too. I was all worried about the quality of this pregnancy because I was diagnosed to have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) , in other words, I have cysts in my ovaries.

This condition makes my period irregular and my hormones unregulated. Plus the fact, that it can also predispose the person to have difficulty conceiving.

So I wasn’t really expecting that we will be blessed this early. I wasn’t even taking any special diet or medicine or pills. I was just being happy and in love! Hehehe (Ang cheesy ko sa part na ‘to!)

So anyway, I’d just like to share some things I found out now that I am pregnant. Mind you, I never even learned these at Nursing School.

  1. You’re just hungry, all the time.

And it can make you cry! I am literally hungry every two hours! As in, it’s such a hassle! Especially when I want to sleep or I’m outside. So yeah, if you’re planning to conceive, better stack that refrigerator! 😜

  1. Your face just becomes smoother and silkier.

  2. IMG_20180224_153929.JPG

The week I learned I was carrying a person inside, my pimples just decided to pop out everywhere! No warning! But after two weeks, my face just seemed to like the extra boost of estrogen. I guess they pretty warmed up with the additional girl hormones.

  1. You need water not just to hydrate yourself, but to also keep your uterus healthy.

After an ultrasound, the doctor noticed that I’m having contractions. And he advised me to drink more water, because dehydration can actually cause my uterus’ smooth muscles to complain and seek attention.

Guilty! So I’m drinking an ocean now! 😊

  1. Be careful what you wish for.


I remember the time in college when I said that I wanted to have my first pregnancy before 30. According to one of our Maternal and Child book authors that having your first baby either at 30 or 30+ can post much risk to the infant and mother compared to their pre-30 counterparts.

Being single at 27, I was a bit worried actually. But I never knew that year was such a turning point. I got a boyfriend!

At 28, I got married!

And when I give birth late this year, I’m going to be 29! And it’s all before turning 30!!!

So the gossip is true. Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it. 😅

  1. How seeing a heart flicker, and a heartbeat sound could make you all teary.


When I first saw my baby’s flickering heart in the ultrasound monitor and hearing it beat like angry knocks, made me feel the happiest and the most essential woman on earth!

I’m going to be a mother. This, my fragile little body is healthy enough to support and grow life. And I think it is the most beautiful thing.

Wish me a happy and worry-free pregnancy, merfriends! A little mermaid or a merman is coming soon! 😁

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